For the past years we have been working  closely with Fonecta on various types of consumer and customer projects, creating insights that turn into action. Our work has encompassed both consumer and B2B projects, ranging from NPD and concept development to marketing optimisation and content creation for PR and events. An ongoing theme throughout the projects has been to understand trends and changing needs in terms of digitalisation and what this means to both Fonecta as well as to its clients.

For example, one of the projects we have conducted for many years now is about Finnish marketing directors’ views on the key digital trends as well as about their priorities, challenges and needs for digital services and marketing. Fonecta has been publishing research findings on its’ Hyötytietoa (Useful digital information) -page.

See a few articles on Finnish media about the latest research on marketing directors (2015):

”Remember to focus on your current customers” in Kauppalehti

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