Marketing Clinic acquires the majority of Kopla

Kopla is getting a new strategic and development-oriented owner, as Marketing Clinic buys the majority of Kopla’s shares. Read more »

We wish you a Merry Christmas and an Inspirational New Year!

Many thanks for the past year to all our clients, partners and other friends of Kopla. Read more »

Kopla Trend Trips: Explore the trends when they are happening

Kopla Trend Trips explore the trendsetting cities of Europe. We will experience the future of retail, meet local influencers and visit companies shaking up their industries. Read more »

How to feel excited at work?

Kopla discussed the importance of excitement at work in the first Kopla Morning Class of the year.

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DoDreams stands out with customer insight

Erik Pöntiskoski of the Helsinki-based game development company DoDreams told how their success story unravelled in the year’s last Kopla Morning Class session.

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Kalasatama introduces innovative smart living in Helsinki

Veera Mustonen from Forum Virium gave a fascinating presentation on smart city thinking in Helsinki in Kopla’s third Morning Class session. Read more »

Evening of customer insight with Tiistai-klubi

Lovely ladies of Tiistai-klubi were invited to Kopla on November 3rd. Read more »

Building an engaging community á la Jenni Lieto

The second Kopla Morning Class welcomed Jenni Lieto, the editor-in-chief of the Finnish women’s magazine Trendi and blog portal Read more »

Kopla Morning Class began

Kopla Morning Class sessions began in September. We were very lucky to have Juuso Koponen as our first guest. He talked about data visualisation. Read more »