Evening of customer insight with Tiistai-klubi


Tiistai-klubi visited Kopla

Lovely ladies of Tiistai-klubi were invited to Kopla on November 3rd. The evening was hosted by our CEO Piritta Koivisto, who first shared the story behind Kopla and then talked about the future and trends within consumer insight and business development.  Piritta explained to members of Tiistai-klubi how the need for strategic customer insight agency was evident when there were no such agencies in Finland.

During the evening we heard how Kopla’s journey began in 2011 when Piritta and Kati Nurminen founded Kopla Helsinki. The idea came from their recognition of more customer-centered approach to business development and marketing planning.

Piritta described how just four years ago Kopla was just a tiny two-person start-up but has since grown into today’s strategic insight agency, which employees fifteen professionals from various backgrounds.

During the evening session with Tiistai-klubi, Piritta also shared some of Kopla’s client cases, which generated great discussions around recognizing customer needs and the importance of keeping the finger on the pulse of the end-customers by all means.

Thank you Tiistai-klubi for the visit – and special thanks to Heidi for helping in organising the event!