How to feel excited at work?



Kopla discussed the importance of excitement at work in the first Kopla Morning Class of the year.

Gone are the days of life-long careers in one company and simply ‘doing what you have to do to put food on the table”. Rather, work is all about ‘finding your passion’ and ‘doing what you love’ nowadays – or at least that’s what most of us want to achieve.

Essi Gustafsson from HR4 hosted the first Kopla Morning Class of this year along with Kopla’s very own insight strategist Emilia. Essi and Emilia ran a fun workshop that really challenged us to think for ourselves and engaged us in good discussions.


It is easy to think ‘if only that thing was different at my work, or if only that person acted differently, then my work would be so much better and more exciting’. Through discussing the topic and doing different kind of exercises, many of us actually came to the conclusion that only we personally can truly impact on our own wellbeing and excitement at work.

Finding inner motivation plays a key role in finding enjoyment in work. Perhaps easier said than done but, as Essi and Emilia demonstrated, a lot of it also comes down to knowing yourself – what your strengths and weaknesses are and actively developing yourself.


As Emilia put it, “an intelligent person knows what other people are like but a wise person knows herself”. Simple yet such an insightful thought! And the journey to ‘self-discovery’ can be started at any time – it doesn’t require any major changes from your work place. That’s a pretty comforting idea, wouldn’t you say?