Kalasatama introduces innovative smart living in Helsinki



Veera Mustonen from Forum Virium gave a fascinating presentation on smart city thinking in Helsinki in Kopla’s third Morning Class session.

Mustonen runs the Smart Kalasatama project at Forum Virium, the innovation unit of Helsinki City Group. Kalasatama is a new, innovative area currently being built in one Helsinki’s old industrial harbours (– it is also home to Kopla’s headquarters!) Kalasatama works as an innovation platform for developing smart city thinking. The area will make use of digital technology and data in a completely new way once finished in a couple of decades.

Right now, Forum Virium along with several partners including the Helsinki-based energy producer Helen and telecoms operator Elisa are experimenting with different kind of solutions which involve engaging local residents. The large-scale project highly endorses culture of experimentation where local residents, companies and the city co-create new services for bringing innovative solutions to running everyday life in Kalasatama. Essentially, the idea with Kalasatama is to provide its residents with ‘one more hour a day’ – to save their precious time and thereby ease their everyday lives. At the moment, for example, Forum Virium are running a programme for agile piloting where five service providers get to test their service innovations during spring 2016.

It is going to be interesting to see how the area develops in the future!

More information on smart city thinking can be found on Forum Virium’s and Smart Kalasatama’s websites.