Kopla Trend Trips: Explore the trends when they are happening


Kopla Trend Trips explore the trendsetting cities of Europe. We will experience the future of retail, meet local influencers and visit companies shaking up their industries.

Experience the trends when they are happening. Inspired by the insights, you are able to:

• Connect with the next generation of consumers
• Explore new ideas and aesthetics for branding and marketing communications
• Plan your product development pipeline
• Deepen your strategy with trend analysts, leading edge consumers and industry influencers

We offer three tailored trip packages: for executive teams, brand managers and insight specialists. The trips include a retail safari, influencer meetings and company visits.

In daily workshops, we will make sense of what we’ve seen, heard and experienced. We will look at the insights from the viewpoint of your business objectives. To maximize the relevance of the trip, we will have a pre-trip meeting with you, making sure we understand your personal and company-level goals well enough. We can focus on strategy, product development, branding – you name it!

The first Kopla Trend Trip will be organized in the third quarter of 2017. It will be a special edition for insight and research specialists. The trip is limited to 10 persons. The group will travel with two experienced trend specialists from Kopla. In the location, we will hook up with a local contact person who deeply understands the culture, trends and hotspots of the city.

To understand the global discussion on trends, we will visit a conference organized by a key player in the field of trend research and future forecasting. The event helps us link the hands-on insights to broad consumer movements. The conference ticket is included in the trip package.

Anticipate the future, explore the trends and gain first-hand experience of the next generation of consumers with Kopla. This will be a trip to remember.

Schedule for 2017

London Trend Trip, Q3 2017: Insight Specialists
Detailed information in January 2017.

Berlin Trend Trip, Q4 2017: Brand Managers
Detailed information in February 2017.

Executive Teams: Please ask for a custom package, with city options including: London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen

For more information and advance bookings, please contact:

Pauli Komonen
+358 40 7436 990