Kopla Morning Class began



Kopla Morning Class sessions began in September. We were very lucky to have Juuso Koponen as our first guest. He talked about data visualisation.

Learning and discussing at Kopla Morning Class

We at Kopla believe in on-going learning and developing new ways of doing our work. Piritta Koivisto, the CEO of Kopla, says ”Kopla has a lot of brilliant clients who are true experts in their fields. There’s a lot we can learn from them. That’s the idea behind Kopla Morning Class – to learn and create dialogue between Kopla and experts of different field.”

Kopla Morning Classes are monthly sessions held at the Kopla headquarters in Kalasatama. Each session welcomes one of Kopla’s clients or specialists of different fields to share bits of their expertise with Kopla as well as discuss current topics related to customer understanding.


Juuso Koponen on data visualisation

The first Kopla Morning Class welcomed Juuso Koponen, data designer and founder of data visualisation agency Koponen+Hildén. He discussed data visualisation. Data visualisation is a particularly interesting topic for Kopla because one of our missions is to make customer understanding visual and actionable for our clients.Juuso’s presentation definitely gave a lot of food for thought – the different ways data can be made visual! It makes a big difference when data is visualised well. In essence, well-visualised data can open up whole new worlds of gaining understanding and accumulating knowledge.

You can follow Juuso’s thoughts about data visualisation here.