Marketing Clinic acquires the majority of Kopla


Marketing Clinic_Kopla_1

Kopla is getting a new strategic and development-oriented owner, as Marketing Clinic buys the majority of Kopla’s shares.

Kati Nurminen will remain an owner and CEO of Kopla. The change of ownership will not affect Kopla’s core operations or company culture that our clients are used to. We are still going to be same Kopla, but now will we have an opportunity to develop our organisation to be even stronger and will be able to offer an even more comprehensive set of services regarding growth strategies, developing unique brands and customer experiences as well as designing and concepting services.

We believe that it is important for both companies and public service actors to embrace the world openly and bravely today. We want to help our clients understand trends and phenomena impacting consumer behaviour and different industries and sectors, create in-depth customer understanding and bravely create new meaningful services / products / customer experiences – and through these goals find new business innovations and generate growth.

In co-operation with Marketing Clinic we are able to develop our offering to meet clients’ needs even better.